Gadaleto's Seafood Market & Restaurant

246 Main Street, New Paltz NY 12561.

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Open 6 Days
11am - 9pm
Closed Tues.
Seafood Market
Open 7 Days
10am - 7pm
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Tim Wilkinson, Expert Swordfish Grader          Gadaleto’s Seafood Market has operated in New York’s Hudson Valley since 1945.  Nat and Angelo opened their first store in Highland, New York and primarily sold meat and groceries.  Nat Gadaleto began peddling seafood out of the back of a truck and the strict quality standards that he used when selecting his offerings quickly put Gadaleto’s on the map. Three generations later, Gadaleto’s is still the Hudson Valley's premier Seafood Market.   


Gadaleto's Seafood Market Interior          Gadaleto’s Fresh Seafood Market has the largest selection of wild caught and sustainably farmed seafood in the Hudson Valley.  While the major chains have just made commitments to sourcing sustainable seafood, we have been using the guidelines set forth by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Marine Stewardship Council and other groups to guide our purchases for years.  Through adopting these guidelines we do our part in aiding in a sustainable future for the global fishing industry.


Chris and a Jon Dory          Our retail market has been voted “Best Fish Market" by readers of Hudson Valley Magazine year after year. Here you can find a variety of specialty cooking products from around the world to craft an endless number of delicious fish dishes. Our expert Mongers are full of knowledge to share: from information regarding best fishing practices and sustainability, to seafood preparation and cooking tips & tricks. We also have endless recipes to help guide you if you want to try something new! 


Preston filleting a mahi mahi.          The Hudson Valley is a major culinary destination located just north of New York City and we are proud to provide select seafood for many of it's top restaurants.  We consider ourselves partners in these restaurants success and we are honored that they choose to work with us. 

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