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Soup Mix

This is a three pound blend of chopped seaweeds, 60% Digitata Kelp, 25% Alaria, 15% Kelp) suitable for adding to soups. Many people don't have time for fancy cooking, but they do keep a pot of soup! 


This soup mix is perfect for the beginner sea vegetable chef. Easily add a few flakes to make highly nutritious miso soups or a traditional Japanese Dashi with other ingredients available here at Gadaleto's. 


...or even sneak some in place of land vegetables in your own recipes for swordfish chili or seafood chowders! 


Start by filling the soup pot half full of water, turning up the heat, and adding barley, a slice of fresh ginger root, and a few square inches of digitata, cut into small pieces.

Then add dried shiitake mushrooms. After they rehydrate, take them out and cut them into small pieces, then throw them back in the pot.

On the side, sauté a diced onion with plenty of thyme in sesame oil, and set aside. Slice root vegtables like carrots, parsnips, rutabaga, beets, and turnips, whichever you prefer. When the barley is beginning to soften, I add the root vegatables of choice, and turn your attention to cutting up greens: celery, kale, and parsley. When the barley and roots are almost done to perfection, add the greens and the sautéed onions for about three minutes and cover the pot.

Salt to taste with any brand of soy sauce.

This soup improves on the second day, simply add more parsley or scallions each time you heat it up. It just keeps getting greener and richer.


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